“I Came to March”

It was a long weekend that ended with a lot of pictures. Donald Trumps’s inauguration spurred a march and rally in downtown Seattle, gathering thousands of people and went on hours into the night.
More historic was the Womxn’s march. It was so congested, it took me an hour to get out of the park everyone started at. I followed the 4 mile long walk in one of the most peaceful and light hearted marches I’ve ever photographed. These are photos from both events: 

Women’s March

Election Day 2016 - Trump Triumps

Predictions couldn’t foresee what unfolded last night across the nation. Slowly and unexpectedly, media polls and trackers ticked toward the opposite direction.

Donald J. Trump sealed the majority electoral vote and the presidency in a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton.

I wanted to witness history last night. And I did, but not in the way I expected.

I talked with many voters yesterday, and I know, at least around here, they’re feeling the same way. 

This story is far from over. I look forward to reading more great coverage and seeing even more journalists rise to the occasion. Good luck to all. 

Dia de Muertos

A little celebration in Burien before Halloween. It’s nice to get out and go places that I wouldn’t normally end being at. Not having a second job is letting me take time to go out and photograph. Also, sleep..I can get some sleep finally.

Photographed for the city of Burien.

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